The first psychoactive substance research institute opens in the UK

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Modern medicine and related studies often face the need to test various not quite traditional drugs and compounds – mainly hallucinogenic in nature. Apparently, in order to accelerate the dynamics of such studies, the first Psychedelic Research Center in the country and in the world was opened at the Imperial College of London in the United Kingdom. Its main function and purpose is to compile various studies on the effect of various hallucinogenic drugs and drugs on the psychological and physiological human health – and the main researcher was Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris.

This researcher became known thanks to his first work in the world illustrating the visual physiological effect of LSD on the human brain – that is why the new Center for Psychedelic Research became the institution organically woven into the academic world of Great Britain, which it has become. It is worth noting that the academic community of Great Britain has a different attitude towards the opening of such a center, however, most researchers generally agree that the organization of such a separate research center will greatly accelerate and facilitate understanding of the various processes and effects of drugs and hallucinogens on the body man in all its aspects.

In addition, it is known that already at the current moment in the center several studies are being carried out – and one of them is devoted to analyzing the long-term effect of psilocybin mushrooms on the psychological and physiological portrait of a person. Thus, other studies will be carried out as part of the Centre's research programs.

It is not yet clear how soon the Center for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London will receive accreditation, but it can be assumed that this is likely to happen soon enough. The academic community of Great Britain will surely take a lively part in designing the research potential of the new Center, and therefore a truly integrated approach can be expected.

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