The degree of air pollution affects psychological health

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Apparently, gradual air pollution negatively affects not only the physical condition of people, but also the psychological one – the fact is that today there are results of a rather long-term climate study by specialists from the University of Chicago, who sought to answer the question of whether there is any the relationship between air and ground pollution and an increased risk of developing a different complex of psychological and mental diseases. It turned out that such a relationship actually exists and has some pronounced moments and features related to health in general.

The study itself was structured as follows – a team of scientists from the University of Chicago selected a statistical database for the United States, illustrating the degree of air and soil pollution in various regions of America, and thus tried to track the possibility of an increased risk of various mental illnesses. It turned out that there is a connection here and it is quite direct – in those regions where there is a higher rate of air and soil pollution, the risk of depression is increased by about 6% and the risk of various mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, is increased by 27%.

Then, applying this model to some other countries, American scientists were able to verify almost similar results – Denmark was chosen as a comparative country, where they also managed to demonstrate the relationship between the degree of air pollution and the degree of risk of various neurodegenerative and mental diseases, especially among the elderly population.

So the team of scientists intends to continue their research and propose an even more effective model for studying this relationship – since it is not always possible to correctly and accurately illustrate certain markers regarding the correct selection of comparative factors and other features related to both air and soil pollution, and risk of developing diseases.

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