The connection between the form of neurons and susceptibility to antidepressants

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When antidepressants act on a person in need of drug treatment, they really are ways to change his daily reality and make the fight against disease better – but what about people who are not resistant to antidepressants? But according to preliminary estimates of medical statistics around the world, about 30% of patients immune to antidepressants have real and high chances of a relapse. And today, a team of researchers from the United States presented the results of their new study, clarifying the question of why some people are not acting or do not fully act antidepressants.

First of all, it should be clarified that it is mainly about the so-called SSRI-drugs, namely, selective serotonin uptake inhibitors, which are quite strong antidepressants. Those people who are not particularly susceptible to their action usually switch to dopamine-based antidepressants, but this may not always have the desired effect. Scientists have long investigated the potential relationship of such a neurobiological effect and after studying the data of over 800 patients suffering from various syndromes of depressive disorder, came to a very interesting conclusion.

Namely, the conclusion that the difference in susceptibility to antidepressants lies at the basis of the difference in the design and patterns of development of neurons – in particular, neurons responsible for the functions of neurotransmitters. In other words, those patients who have little or no response to the action of antidepressants have an impaired form of development and growth of such neurons, which is the main problem.

Studying the brain's serotonergic cells, scientists also came to the parallel conclusion that changing patterns of growth and development of neurons – in particular neurotransmitters – can significantly change the process and mechanism of neuron adaptation to various other drugs. This could potentially indicate a risk that other drugs will not have the expected effect on such patients, which differ in their neural map.

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