The brain is not as flexible during training as scientists suggested

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The study of the brain – or rather, certain of its sections – has long been one of the most interesting and priority areas in modern neuroscience in all its diversity. So, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, together with their colleagues from the University of Pittsburgh, conducted a very interesting and unusual experiment, whose main goal was to find out whether the brain really reconfigures itself during the process of learning something new. The results were very interesting for researchers and were placed in a separate article in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience.

Specialists selected several people for the experiment who, using a special neurocomputer interface, had to control the mouse cursor on the computer screen. This interface allows you to measure the degree of activity of neurons in the brain and potentially detect some features. Firstly, experts noticed that more precise cursor control using the interface becomes possible only after a certain time of learning this process, and secondly, they found that the brain really reconfigures itself, but not in the direction that they had previously thought.

The fact is that the efficiency of neural connections in the brain decreases over the course of training time, which was recorded using the neural interface. However, not everything is so bad and unambiguous, since on the one hand, this allows you to increase the effectiveness of short-term training, but on the other hand, it worsens the work of training for a longer period of time.

Such interesting results became the basis for re-testing the experiment – however, experts note that it is possible that the results will be different if you increase the duration of the training. However, even despite this, the theory of reconfiguration of neurons is confirmed, although there are still many aspects and features that deserve additional research.

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