The benefits and effectiveness of the keto diet against diabetes

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Disputes and questions regarding the effectiveness and safety of the so-called ketogenic diet have not ceased for a long time and more people are worried – despite the fact that the ketogenic diet itself is actively encouraged by supporters of proper weight loss, there are a lot of controversial points in it. So, nutritionists from the Higher Technical School of Zurich conducted their own independent research on how this type of diet really benefits – and made sure that it does more harm than good. A ketogenic diet is a type of diet in which a person practically does not consume carbohydrate-containing foods and compounds.

In particular, specialists have already published an article with their research results in the scientific journal Journal of Physiology, where they explained in detail all aspects related to this diet. First, they noted that the main danger of a carbohydrate-free ketogenic diet is that by strictly restricting carbohydrate intake, a person has increased resistance to sugar – which in turn leads to a significant increase in blood sugar production.

Thus, this situation can potentially become dangerous, since an increased level of natural sugar in the blood creates an environment for the onset and development of type 2 diabetes – this is the main threat to the ketogenic diet, according to Swiss researchers. In addition, increased insulin resistance can also be a significant factor in increasing the number of red blood cells and blockage of blood vessels, which can cause not only blood dysfunctions, but also blood clots – a very dangerous condition in case of blockages.

It is worth noting that all these fears and risks were identified even before the study itself – the specialists were engaged in research on experimental mice. In one group, the diet was ketogenic, and in the second, it was high in fat, which is also an unsafe condition. However, as experiments with the introduction of various chemical agents further showed, the ketogenic diet nevertheless posed the greatest threat, in connection with the already mentioned sugar resistance.

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