The Arctic is getting greener: NASA report

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The Arctic summer is becoming more and more prolonged, according to the responsible team of NASA researchers engaged in active monitoring of most of the Arctic – today the team presented a special report, in which it outlined the main changes taking place in the Arctic, and for the most part these changes are a marker of global warming. Despite the fact that visually the process of increased growth and development of vegetation in the Arctic seems beautiful, it still carries a lot of unpleasant and even frankly dangerous moments, since the active warming of the Arctic zone leads to the destruction of its own and external biomes.

The Arctic as a whole is the coldest place on Earth, stretching from Canada to Russia – but at the same time, this region is also the most active in terms of gradual warming and climate change to a warmer one. This is very eloquently shown by the current research of a team of NASA specialists led by biology professor Logan Berner – his team illustrated that the Arctic zone experienced about 38% acceleration in terms of temperature increases between 1995 and 2016, and by the current moment about 22% of the entire Arctic. are experiencing the effects of global warming, becoming covered with a new layer of vegetation and presenting an increasingly active melting snow cover.

Of course, such abrupt and long-lasting changes in their dynamics cannot but be frightening, and therefore the NASA team continues to work on further expanding their research, trying to include more and more data in it. Of course, this process itself is not fast, so it is worth waiting for new research data.

On the other hand, NASA scientists suggest that they will also need to slightly change their strategy for observing such climate changes in the Arctic, since they can be truly unpredictable – and these changes cannot always be captured using direct observation. However, we can count on the fact that soon the NASA team will prepare an appropriate report on its work in this direction and will illustrate some new aspects.

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