The anti-cancer effect of tomatoes may disappear due to iron

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Today, a research team from Ohio State University in the United States presented the results of its new study, which examines the real benefits of tomatoes in the context of cancer prevention. Many previous studies in this area have in one way or another noted the fact that the consumption of tomatoes and the substances contained in them significantly contributes to improved cancer prevention, but a new study clarified that this is only true if you avoid eating foods with high iron content with tomatoes, since this substance neutralizes the effect of tomatoes.

Specifically, it is about neutralizing a substance called lycopene – which tells the tomatoes their characteristic red color. A study of the properties and possibilities of lycopene from Ohio led scientists to understand the fact that it actually gives off an anti-cancer effect when it is systematically consumed, but only if a lot of iron is not used with it. Despite the fact that iron in itself is a useful and extremely necessary product for the body, it nevertheless represents a known danger of neutralizing the natural properties of lycopene contained in tomatoes.

In other words, anti-cancer prevention is achieved only with a clean intake of lycopene, and for a sufficiently long time that the body is accustomed to absorb it as quickly as possible. However, scientists also note their interest in continuing statistical and dynamic experiments related to the study of the properties and capabilities of lycopene contained in tomatoes.

It is worth noting that the anticancer effect of tomatoes and the substances contained in them is somehow opposed to some drugs of traditional medicine – however, scientists from Ohio consider this approach not quite true, since each case of cancer prevention is based on the individual physiological characteristics of each individual person, therefore, it cannot be considered as something absolutely universal in the medical sense.

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