The amount consumed microplastic increases

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dirty sea with trash. Plastic pollution in ocean

It is no secret that the problem of excessive use of plastic in our life is a really noticeable problem of modern society – and more and more research and development leads to the fact that in the near future we will begin to use a new type of plastic, which will be characterized by a significantly higher degree of processing and decomposition. . Here is a new statistical study from the latest issue of the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology published the results according to which the annual use of microplastic particles in the United States exceeds all permissible norms – and microplastic is even more dangerous than normal.

The fact is that microplastic is a particle of ordinary plastic, which mixes with particles of other materials and substances – often food – as a result of which they have a high probability of penetration into the human body. Modern studies on the potential harm of microplastic health effects in one way or another indicate that it does not carry any positive side effects – and therefore is potentially harmful. Here and new statistical research has shown that only in the USA every year the average American consumes from 74 to 121 thousand particles of such microplastics, which can be fraught with the emergence and development of various dangerous diseases and disorders.

In addition, some individual studies particularly point to the fact that the systematic ingress of plastic into the body somehow leads to a decrease in the level of toxicity reflected by the immune system, which in itself is a bad sign.

Thus, it is worth looking at the factors that most often can lead to the consumption of a high number of plastic microparticles – it is worth noting that some other teams of scientists also said that the amount of microplastic particles consumed annually can become completely individual in a relatively short time. Article causes of various diseases.

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