Texas coast recognized as the dirtiest

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Caring for the environment becomes simply impossible without a proper preliminary analysis of a particular situation – as is the case with the environmental situation on the coasts of the Gulf countries. Today, a team of environmental researchers from the Aransas Estuary laboratory in Mexico City presented the results of their study on how to analyze which of the Gulf states has the most acute environmental problem, expressed in huge piles of garbage on their coast. According to preliminary results, the “winner” in this study was the Texas coast, which collected the most ambitious indicator of garbage.

Researchers conducted their research for more than nine years, during all this time carefully observing the environmental policies of the Gulf countries and the situation with garbage arriving on their coasts. They found that up to 95% of all garbage found on and along the coast is a set of plastic waste, such as plastic bottles, drinking tubs, and much more. About 69% of all plastic debris was found during the spring and summer, when the tides become especially strong.

The Texas coast won a dubious first place in this conditional contest, and with the results that surprised even trained specialists, the fact is that the amount of garbage collected on the Texas coast and along its inland water line is about ten times more than any other gulf states. And this statistical fact cannot but surprise.

At the same time, such results clearly demonstrate the need to review current strategies and policies regarding the environmental policies of these states – the study itself allows you to accurately determine the extent and characteristics of this environmental disaster. It is also worth noting the fact that the Texas coast has previously experienced similar problems, which, however, were not as widely publicized.

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