Tesla from now on will pay more attention to ecology

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The other day, Tesla reached an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency regarding violations identified when working with hazardous wastes that were found at a company in Fremont, California. Tesla immediately agreed to pay a fine of $ 31,000, and as part of resolving this “conflict”, she also volunteered to buy equipment for emergency response to emergency situations in the total amount of $ 55,000 for Fremont’s fire brigade.

In 2017, Tesla allowed to accumulate hazardous waste without any permission for a period exceeding the allowable 90 days. During the audit, the Environmental Protection Agency discovered that Tesla was not able to "quickly clean and dispose of flammable paints and solvent mixtures." This conclusion was made after the Agency discovered a couple of 55-gallon containers with hazardous waste left, which were also open, and did not have the necessary "padding or locking mechanism". In this way, the company Ilona Mask violated the prescribed standards for the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Environmental Protection Agency discovered these irregularities during two sudden and unannounced inspections, conducted jointly with the Department of Control of Toxic Substances of California, as well as the Center for Air Quality Management in the bays. These inspections took place at the Tesla plant in Fremont in November and December 2017. The Federal Law on the Conservation and Restoration of Resources is a set of rules that gives the Agency “the authority to control hazardous wastes from the moment they are created to their disposal.”

Unfortunately, Tesla does not immediately comply with the three rules that are prescribed in the Law on the Conservation and Restoration of Resources. The agency states that Tesla "did not meet the standards for emissions into the atmosphere, to avoid leaks of harmful substances, did not fulfill the requirements for hazardous waste management, and also failed to make an adequate process for identifying and storing hazardous wastes for their solid type ". However, the Agency for Environmental Protection does not say anything concrete about how exactly Tesla does not follow the rules in each of these areas.

Tesla management said in an e-mail to The Verge that the company has already reviewed and taken note of all the issues raised by the inspectorates. “In the 16 months since the Environmental Protection Agency visited us, Tesla has made great strides in its environmental program and its constant observance under the leadership of Lori Shelby, our vice president for environment, health and safety. We are also pleased to cooperate with the Agency, and we are especially proud that the city of Fremont in any case will benefit from an agreed settlement. ”

This is not the first time Tesla has been fined by the Agency. The company had to pay a fine of $ 275,000 after it was discovered in 2010 that the company did not receive proper certification for the original Tesla Roadster.

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