TAVR cardiac surgery system becomes more efficient

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Today, the results of a long clinical study comparing a cardiac surgery system called TAVR and traditional open-type surgical practice on the heart were presented – specialists from Columbia University under the guidance of Professor Martin B. Leon proved that the TAVR system is much more effective in relation to competent cardiac surgery. What is even more surprising is that their results have demonstrated that this system is more suitable even when applied to relatively strong and healthy patients, showing a significantly lower relapse rate in the long run.

The TAVR system is a special surgical method for heart surgery, consisting in the introduction of a special catheter with a new aortic valve, which is inserted through the groin and reaches the heart muscle. Unlike the more traditional method of open surgery on the heart, the presented system has a number of incomparable advantages, primarily less invasiveness and an easier way to close it.

And today, the usefulness of this method was once again proved, thanks to cardiologists from Columbia University in the USA, who demonstrated that the vast majority of patients who underwent TAVR surgery, even after a long time, have a much lower chance of cardiac relapse than patients who have had open heart surgery. Thus, the results of the study show that working with the aortic canal – like the actual one with any other heart element – is more preferable using surgery such as TAVR.

Moreover, experts say that, in their opinion, it is necessary to continue to work on improving this system so that in the future it can be used exclusively or analogues similar in effectiveness, since open surgery is most often very dangerous, especially for patients not fully recovered. Thus, it remains to wait for further news regarding the improvement of this surgical heart treatment system.

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