Tap water can contribute to cancer

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A special Environmental Working Group research group specializing in studying the general level of pollution in the context of studying various environmental problems on our planet today released a new report on the discovery of a direct relationship between drinking tap water and an increased number of cases of cancer in the United States. It is no secret that in this country – as in many others – many people without any fear often drink water directly from the tap, which is partly due to the presence of a filter system in the pipes themselves. However, as research has shown, this is clearly not enough for health.

The fact is that American researchers have revealed the presence of as many as twenty-two pollutants that are somehow found in tap water in the vast majority of US states – and these substances, while not being so dangerous in themselves, in a combined tandem are a truly destructive combination . Specialists took water samples from more than 48 thousand public water supply systems in homes and analyzed the effect of these substances on consumer health.

Preliminary results have shown that it is these twenty-two pollutants that can be responsible for more than 100,000 reported cases of cancer over the past few years in the United States. They say that in contrast to air pollution, where a person can breathe different gases alternately, the pollutants are necessarily mixed in water, which creates a lot of problems with regard to eliminating their influence, in particular on some individual tissues and organs of a person.

Thus, an independent group of American researchers actually proved the fact that drinking tap water is not a good idea, even if the water pipes themselves have a filter system just for these purposes. Yes, and home filters of the standard standard can hardly cope with the elimination of the vast majority of pollutants.

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