T-Rex walked with the speed of an ordinary person: a study

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Many people are indeed interested in dinosaurs and everything related to their history and evolutionary biology – however, even the fact that we already know a lot about these giant lizards does not in any way indicate any specific and precise directions of knowledge. regarding all aspects of their life. Today, however, a talented team of evolutionary biologists and archaeologists at the University of Amsterdam has attempted to lift the curtain of ignorance on one of the most recognizable – if not most recognizable – of the species, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as the T-Rex. In particular, scientists tried to find out the real speed of his movement.

For some reason, in many films and other works of cinematic art, this kind of dinosaur moves quickly and briskly – of course, in order to further emphasize its dangerous carnivorous and predatory nature. However, as the Amsterdam scientists were able to establish by restoring some of the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex and then working on a computer simulation, in fact, this type of carnivorous dinosaur most likely moved at a speed not exceeding about three miles per hour.

And this speed is approximately equal to the average speed of movement of an ordinary person. The team of researchers came to such results shortly after conducting several computer simulations, which in turn became possible thanks to the restoration of the complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex and measuring some parameters of its tail, cadence and hip height. Thus, such results are surprising in comparison with others.

Thus, at the moment, Amsterdam scientists say that the preparation of new research in the field of ancient archeology and biology is a really complex and multifaceted matter, which also requires several checks for various modifications – in particular, even more detailed and accurate computer simulations, which can be obtained solely on the basis of the extraction of new archaeological data. So now it only remains to await further news on this matter.

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