Systematic lack of sleep can lead to a risk of neurodegeneration

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A team of talented biology and medicine researchers from the University of California at Berkeley today presented their new study to examine a definite relationship between insufficient and fragmented sleep and the risk of developing various neurodegenerative diseases. This study for the most part focuses not so much on the actual basis of experiments conducted by Californian scientists as on the results of previous studies of a similar nature – which, however, does not detract from the current results and their long-term impact on the problem under consideration.

It is worth noting the fact that previously many researchers have proved the existence of a relationship between systematic lack of sleep and the risk of developing a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, since insufficient sleep provokes systematics in inflammation of internal organs and tissues. It turned out that this same effect also negatively affects the state of the brain in the context of the first symptoms of neurodegeneration – namely, in the context of the accumulation of so-called protein dies, which are considered one of the most important and indicative symptoms of neurodegeneration.

Be that as it may, at this point in time, the work of scientists from the University of California in one way or another offers a slightly different approach to the implementation of its project, and therefore it considers basically the very relationship between the systematic inflammation of tissues caused by poor sleep and the risk of occurrence and development neurodegenerative diseases. It is worth noting that it is precisely this approach that allows scientists to consider all the points regarding further potential points related to both neurodegeneration and sleep.

However, at this stage, the scientific team is not yet ready to consider the remaining points regarding another potential relationship between neurodegeneration and poor sleep, since at the moment even more data is needed on this. Given the fact that scientists have already achieved some success, it becomes clear that they can soon provide updated data.

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