Synthetic molecules help defeat sclerosis

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In the case of multiple sclerosis, the human immune system acts in such a way that it destroys myelin, which is an insulated layer at the end of neurons in the spinal cord, brain, and spinal cord. As a result, these neurons – and, consequently, the departments of these areas associated with them – cease to work correctly, which worsens the patient's condition. However, a team of specialists from the University of Oregon in the United States today presented its new study on the so-called Sobetirome molecule, invented about twenty years ago to lower cholesterol – however, it can also cope with sclerosis.

Experts came to such conclusions soon after they conducted preliminary tests on experimental mice that had previously been genetically induced, symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. And then, introducing an experimental molecule of sobetirom into their brain neurons, experts observed the subsequent process of improving their condition. And so it happened – this compound is actually actively and effectively engaged in the restoration of the myelin sheath of neurons.

However, it is worthwhile to clarify that previously scientists have somewhat improved the action of the molecule, giving it the ability to effectively bypass the traditional barrier of the brain and blood, supplementing it with the no less experimental Sob-AM2 molecule, with which the compound could break through the natural valves of the brain. As a result, the degree of myelin recovery reached really high levels, which could not but please the development specialists from the University of Oregon.

In addition, in the future, specialists plan to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this molecule – it is known that the prototype of the working draft and all its preliminary results have already been transferred to the Llama Theraupetics research company, which allows us to hope for an accelerated development mode of new iterations of such anti-sclerosis drugs on basis of a new experimental molecule of sobetirome.

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