Sweeteners can be very dangerous.

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Many modern advocates of healthy eating and lifestyle in general often turn their attention to such alternatives to sugar as low in calories sweeteners, which also have low or zero sugar content. However, despite the generally accepted opinion about the lesser harm of these sweeteners in comparison with conventional sugars, they can still be extremely dangerous – which is what the new study of experts from the scientific journal Frontiers of Microbiology, who have undertaken one very interesting experiment related to feeding pregnant mice are the two most common and known sweeteners of this type.

In particular, we are talking about sugar substitutes called sucralose and acesulfame-K, which are most often found both in a separate form and as part of various food products targeted at people who monitor their health and sugar levels consumed. As for the experiment, it was carried out as follows – the team divided 226 pregnant and lactating female mice into three groups, the first of which received the minimum doses of these sugar substitutes, the second received the double recommended dose, and the third received only water.

As a result, after the first two stages of the study, experts noticed that the first two groups received the most powerful metabolic changes, which were not quite good sense – such as an increase in the insulin response of the body and the accumulation of more fat. Moreover, their born offspring was also to some extent undergone a somewhat detrimental effect of such sugar substitutes – the scientists noted on average a complicated release of toxins from their body.

And this can only indicate that sucralose and acesulfame-K, even being the most common and kind of proven low-calorie sugar substitutes, can still pose a certain danger to people – including those who are in themselves does not suffer from diabetes or near-diabetes state.

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