Superbug-fungus begins to prevail in humans

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Back in 2009, Japanese doctors identified a new type of fungal virus called Candida auris or abbreviated C. auris – this type of fungal virus then caused a lot of excitement, as it was detected in the body of one of the patients who later died from it. And this is an unusual moment, since fungal viruses, in principle, cannot “capture” the human body due to the enormous temperature difference that is common for fungi, which usually reproduce at significantly lower rates. However, today, specialists from Johns Hopkins University presented a new study on this fungal type superbacterium.

In their new study, they focused on identifying the reasons why this type of fungus virus C. auris generally began to spread around the world – in the United States in 2016, several more cases of infection with this fungus were recorded. After a fairly lengthy analysis and comparative study of Japanese and American patients, the scientists came to the conclusion that the reason was the gradual global warming, due to which many mushroom families adapt to higher temperatures – which automatically makes them a potential threat to human health.

So the C. auris virus was no exception, since, according to experts, it began to spread quite widely around the planet, capturing and infecting quite a few families and species of fungus. It is worth noting the fact that the presented variant of the superbacterium-fungus is by far the first of the registered fungal pathogens of such a serious scale that this finding is both interesting and alarming, since in the future it will have to be managed with other means.

However, experts are confident that they will be able to identify the most vulnerable spot of the presented fungal virus, since they will somehow focus on the analysis of its genetic code. It is assumed that very soon experts will find the most revealing and comprehensive option to prevent the development and spread of this fungal virus, which, by the way, can still develop into a separate family in the near future

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