Sun Valley recalls its Mexican food in the US due to plastic contamination

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Today, the USDA issued a special warning report regarding the need to temporarily stop eating food from Sun Valley Foods in El Paso, Texas – the fact that a recent analysis of the safety of its products, conducted in the company's laboratory, revealed extremely unwanted level of plastic contamination of food. That is why the management and responsible team of technologists at the Texas-based company Sun Valley, which mainly produces fast food and convenience foods in the form of takitos and chimichang, released a report, which indicates the need on the part of consumers to temporarily refrain from consuming them.

Initially, the problem was with preliminary laboratory analysis of food sold under this Texas brand, which showed that some lots and lots of these foods contain markedly increased amounts of markers, indicating the possible presence of too much plastic. After conducting an even more detailed investigation, already with the involvement of specialists from the US Department of Agriculture, the Sun Valley team indeed became convinced of the excessive amount of plastic, which poses not only a threat of chemical poisoning, but also suffocation caused by the potential entry of the largest plastic particles into the esophagus. consumer.

However, the management of the Texas-based company has not yet set a specific date after which they will re-release the current batches of their products, which is actually expected by a significant part of American consumers, due to the high popularity of convenience and ready-made foods from Sun Valley.

It is worth noting the fact that Mexican food, ready-made and in the form of fast food, has long been very popular among a large number of users in America, but here, first of all, we are talking about the possibility of preventing much more serious consequences of such an infection. At this point in time, the research team is exploring additional contamination possibilities, as plastic may not be the only problem in this context.

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