Sugar soda can lead to cancer in adulthood.

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Sugar is quite dangerous, but therefore no less common foodstuff consumed daily by a large number of people, especially in Western countries – that is why a group of researchers from France drew the problem of its relationship with various diseases. A team of French diet researchers has conducted a study that daily consumption of even a very small amount of sugar – derived mainly from carbonated drinks – can lead to the emergence and development of a particular type of cancer in adulthood, especially among women.

The team of scientists came to such results shortly after analyzing a database of over 101 thousand patients in French oncology clinics – in particular, the specialists looked at the NutriNet-Sante patient database, where the cases of different patients with one form or another were detected. cancer. 79% of women and 21% of men with an average age of 42 years took part in the database.

After conducting several research sessions over the past nine years and comparing old data with new ones, French experts found that drinking about 100 ml of sweet soda per day with a probability of 22% led to the gradual development of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men – however Most of these data were related to age over 55, and the study also took into account bad habits such as smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, the link between the systematic consumption of sugar and cancer reasserted itself.

However, it is worth noting the fact that so far the French team of researchers is not ready to provide final statistical data, since they need to carry out additional research beforehand and check whether such a relationship really is direct and firm. In the meantime, it remains to wait for these results – but already now it can be stated that the systematic use of sugar is clearly not the best idea.

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