Studies have shown the presence of new compounds in vapes

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A new study on identifying the real extent of the threat of vape and vape products today was presented as part of a new project by a team of medical specialists from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona – the project aimed at a detailed study of several of the most recent hospital admissions in connection with the acute phase of respiratory failure in which one way or another, vape products played a role. Experts, having analyzed all the data available to them, made a new conclusion regarding the reason why many people end up in hospitals with symptoms of acute pneumonitis after the systematic or not very use of various vape devices in the United States.

The new conclusion is that, in fact, the main threat to the health of the respiratory tract for these patients is the presence in the vape products of new harmful compounds and chemical agents that, when reacted with others, form truly dangerous compounds that further harm the respiratory system. According to preliminary data, about 71% of all recent cases of hospitalization with symptoms of acute pneumonitis are a vivid example of oil poisoning, which is very characteristic of such a disease at the initial stage of its development – although on the other hand, there are no oils and oily compounds in vape -products out of the question.

Toxic fumes green on a white background.

At least for now, while manufacturers of some vape products and additives continue to be silent about what exactly they add to their devices. It is worth noting that new harmful compounds can also play the role of catalysts, since two recent cases of death are already known shortly after the diagnosis of this acute respiratory disease.

So the new research project is firmly taking the lines of the latest issue of the scientific journal The New England Journal of Medicine and is becoming a new round in the development of understanding of the problems of modern vape products. It is not surprising that, in view of the problem that has grown so much in the field of the popularization of e-smoking, the same US Federal Commission on Food and Drug Administration intends to propose a ban on them in the country.

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