Stress and irritation are treated with probiotics and diets.

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Stress and irritation in one way or another come to every person at a certain point in time – this is especially true for people older than thirty, who experience various fundamental changes in the psyche. In order to clarify the question of what exactly helps to get rid of stress and irritation, or at least minimize their influence, medical specialists from the Mental Health Center at Shanghai University conducted their research on this issue. Based on their work on 21 previous studies, they compared their results and concluded that regulation of the state of the intestinal environment may be the number one cause.

In particular, experts say that the systematic use of probiotics and the improvement of their diet in the direction of that which contains a minimum of fats and complex carbohydrates is the best practice in order to get rid of stress and minimize irritation as the main consequence of stress. They pointed out that of the 21 early studies, about half focused on the study of this relationship and in fact were able to illustrate the relationship between probiotics and the normal intestinal medium that is diverse in terms of intestinal bacteria.

Thus, the new Shanghai study once again indicates that the connection between the brain and the intestinal medium is much more direct and stable than it seemed before. And consumption of probiotics in the form of natural nutritional supplements or vitamins, according to their observations, reduces short-term stress by up to 50%, with a gradual decrease in this percentage in relation to long-term stress. So these results somehow correlate with the results of past research.

In addition, specialists from Shanghai are interested in making some additional observations and experimental actions aimed at changing the state of the intestinal environment in patients – and it is worth noting that the field of attention of the researchers included the affairs of more than 1,500 middle-aged patients experiencing certain problems with stress and irritation.

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