Stomach grown in the laboratory

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Growing organs from stem cells is one of the most promising areas of modern medicine and its industry – bioengineering. Many cases of growing tissue of the liver, heart, pancreas, parts of the face – nose, auricle, which are successfully used in various diseases and to eliminate defects after injuries are already known to the world.

For the first time in the laboratory, scientists were able to grow a stomach from stem cells. More precisely, several small stomachs were grown – exact models in a miniature of a completely functional stomach. This experiment was carried out by reprogramming human stem cells and creating tissue of the stomach according to a specific biological framework.

Perspective directions of the experiment

At this stage, an experiment is conducted on small stomachs in order to study various diseases on them – ulcers, stomach cancer, the causes of their development and possible ways of effective treatment. Scientists have a huge amount of research work, which undoubtedly will benefit many patients with chronic and severe diseases of the stomach.

But there is another far-reaching perspective – growing a full-fledged stomach using the same technology, which can be implanted into the patient instead of his sick stomach.


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