Stanford University has created the most technologically advanced hospital ward

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Technologies certainly already managed to enter our life and take a rather strong position in it. Technologies are introduced into almost all areas of our lives, from automation and optimization of production to the introduction of new methods of treating people in various hospitals and medical centers. Nevertheless, the above hospitals are not completely “automated”, of course, there are now quite a large number of very different technological solutions, but still a lot is still being done and carried out “the old way”, that is, by the hands of doctors, without using them various modern technological means.

However, Stanford University asked the following question: “What will happen if you do not remodel the old hospital into a modern one and create the most advanced one from scratch, whose work would be tied exclusively to the use of all kinds of technologies”? And, as we can now see, the university itself tried to answer the question posed above. The fact is that a completely new, most advanced and technologically advanced hospital in the city has opened on the campus of the university’s health center. She, in turn, seeks as much dependent on technology, robots, artificial intelligence and electricity, as much as it is physically possible today. In this hospital, you can do almost everything through the use of technology, for example, to control the climate, lighting, TV, medical devices and everything else.

This is done either using a voice or a tablet, which is located next to the hospital bed. It is also worth noting that this super-technological hospital room is able to interact very closely with the MyHealth application, which, in honor of the opening of this Stanford mini-hospital, received an urgent update. Now, using the above application, you can contact your doctor directly, who, if necessary, will provide you with additional medical care, help guide you through the hospital rooms and much more. If you still do not understand, then the completely complete automation of the hospital is its real and only, but very pleasant and convenient highlight. Also in the new medical ward there are robots that perform a variety of tasks, from packaging and dispensing tablets to patients, ending with easy cleaning and keeping records of medicines.

And if you think that due to such automation people may lose their jobs, then this is completely wrong. The bottom line is that small tasks are now performed by robots, which allows people to free themselves from the "little things" and focus on performing many more important tasks. This frees people for more complex tasks. Although the leadership of Stanford University is already extremely positive about its new construction, which is able to provide people with timely, high-quality and qualified assistance, this technological medical chamber will also continue to improve with the advent of new medical instruments of a technical nature.

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