Spider venom tested as a destroyer of cancer cells

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In the fight against cancer in all its forms and forms, an important aspect is the search for a suitable chemical agent, a compound that could effectively neutralize cancer cells or even destroy them. For a long time, researchers in this area have repeatedly come across beneficial effects exerted by the poison of an animal on the human body fighting cancer. And today, a talented team of Australian experts from the University of Queensland presented their new study on the analysis of the effectiveness of a curious anticancer chemical compound found in the venom of funnel-web spiders.

In fact, scientists did not come to this finding right away – initially they explored another species of spider called Acanthoscurria gomesiana, found mainly in Australia. It was his poison that was originally used in the laboratory to attempt to destroy melanoma cells, and this venture was crowned with success. Their poison contained the peptide Gomezin, which effectively fights the development of cancer cells.

However, due to the small number of this species of spiders on the scale of the Australian ecosystem, experts decided to find another species that would demonstrate the same results – and found. It turned out to be the appearance of funnel-web spiders, whose poison also contains this peptide, and at the same time it does not have the same set of side effects and conventions as the first spiders had. After conducting research and analysis of the action of this peptide of the funnel-spider web spiders, experts came to the conclusion that it really shows itself from an excellent side and can effectively kill melanoma cells.

The search for such a chemical agent that does not touch healthy cells during a “showdown” with infected ones is a rather difficult and lengthy process, often associated with the need to further artificially modify it. However, Gomezin found in the poison of funnel web spiders in Australia does not require special modification and functions without any side effects – that is why experts began to deal with it even more carefully

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