Specialists from the University of Washington have developed an application for the diagnosis of ear inflammation in children

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Diagnosing various diseases of the inner ear becomes quite difficult in many situations – especially when it comes to inflammation of the middle ear in children. This complex of inflammatory processes is quite common in children of preschool age and it is primarily associated with excessive accumulation of fluid in the middle ear area – and this, in turn, causes discomfort and even pain, which the child himself often reports. To improve the diagnosis of such inflammations, specialists from the University of Washington today presented their new development, which is a paper tunnel and a special mobile application.

It sounds really strange and unusual, but the efficiency of using such a paper tunnel is very high – the tunnel itself is a paper patch made of polymers and microgranules rolled into a narrow tunnel, which is first brought to the speaker and microphone of the phone – after which the user activates the application on the smartphone, which begins to produce certain sounds at certain frequencies.

By placing the paper tunnel to the child’s middle ear, the user can, with the help of the application, with high probability detect the excessively high level of fluid accumulated there, because the application analyzes the passage of sound waves at different frequencies through the tunnel, thereby fixing various potential violations of this wave. This will indicate that this type of ear inflammation is most likely to be observed in a child, and that it is necessary to consult a doctor, thereby saving time for both the child and professionals.

It should be noted that preliminary tests of this mobile application and a paper tunnel demonstrated that using such a simple combination of the two methods, it is possible to detect foci of middle ear inflammations with a probability of 85% – which is quite a good indicator, given that many similar developments cannot brag about it.

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