Soybeans May Help Fight Dementia

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Eating legumes is a rather controversial approach in modern dietetics, as some researchers extol this food, while others point to its potential link with cancer – however, as usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and is contextual moment. Today, a team of talented professionals from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States presented their new research on how systematic consumption of soybeans can affect brain health and what benefits legumes can have in combating various dangerous brain conditions.

In particular, a team of researchers today pointed out that consuming soybeans can significantly reduce the number of potentially harmful protein cakes, which are often considered a major factor in the formation of dangerous neurodegenerative conditions and brain diseases. Consistently eating legumes – and soybeans in particular – increases the production of a metabolite, which in turn has a positive effect on the gut environment and prevents potentially harmful gut bacteria from overgrowing, according to the latest study by a team of biologists at the University of Pittsburgh.

And this, in turn, leads to a slightly more balanced intestinal state, and allows you to regulate the production of third-party metabolites and chemical elements in a more competent way. This was proved by the example of several dozen subjects who went through a two-week consumption of soybeans in their diet.

In general, despite the fact that the systematic eating of soybeans often leads to a precancerous state in many rodents, it is not at all necessary that a similar effect will be observed in humans, despite the rather many similarities between mouse and human anatomy – after all, a person processes soybeans in its own way. For now, it only remains to await further and more detailed research and experiments, which can potentially shed more light on this important topic.

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