Some vaping supplements can be especially dangerous.

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A new study from Stanford University today has shown that vaping and electronic smoking as such can in fact pose a risk to people, both in the short and long term. The fact is that today, specialists from Stanford published the results of their comparative study, during which they compared various liquid additives to electronic cigarettes in order to establish the most dangerous of them. It turned out that some specific liquid supplements may in fact have a destructive effect on the mucous membrane, as well as on the inner layer of blood vessels, which can lead to complications.

The focus of the new study was on the study of vaping as a culture and its long-term effects on health. It is worth noting that early research from other teams of specialists showed in one way or another that vaping in fact leads to some breathing difficulties, which may further weaken the work of blood vessels and, thus, potential problems with blood.

The new study, in particular, announced that cinnamon and menthol, one of the most popular vaping additives, have a particularly high degree of risk and danger because they contain aromatic substances that negatively affect the endothelial cells that are contained inside the blood vessels. Scientists say that with such a systematic use of the presented supplements – as well as some others – a person may in fact increase the risk of the onset and development of cardiovascular diseases of a rather wide spectrum.

All this may have a great influence on the brain and heart work anyway, and therefore a new study looks really promising in this regard – specialists from Stanford continue to carefully study and analyze the potential harm of electronic smoking on the human body by conducting additional comparative studies related to breathing .

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