Some seating patterns can be dangerous.

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A new study on the harm of a sedentary lifestyle recently appeared as part of a special project by researchers from the Irving Medical Center at Columbia University in the US – but this time researchers are not just talking about sitting as a factor in the development of a whole complex of diseases, but about specific sitting habits. Thus, the new study relates primarily to recline and sit on the side – which is especially common on the couch in front of the TV – and its relationship with the emergence and development of a wide range of cardiovascular and cellular diseases, which you should definitely pay attention to.

The study itself initially considered a general negative range of factors and effects of a sedentary lifestyle on its duration and quality – however, experts soon noticed that according to statistics, the most dangerous sitting pattern is the habit of sitting reclining. The fact is that they indicate that in this position an additional muscular load of a static type is carried out on the heart and internal organs, which somewhat increases the likelihood of the future development of various diseases.

They decided to compare their data in front of the TV with a seat at work in front of the computer and found that in the last scenario, people are much more likely to take breaks and move, which automatically reduces this risk, unlike those people who are reclining in front of the TV. However, the academic team noted that it wants to conduct some additional experiments and make sure that the initial ones are correct.

It can be assumed that the study will also shed light on some particularly harmful seating patterns – thus revealing the most optimal and reasonable approaches and options on how to avoid the risk of early death and the development of a wide range of cardiovascular diseases due to an abnormal pattern. It remains to wait for the initiation of the second stage of the study, which will precisely dot the I in this question.

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