Some popular painkillers can negatively impact pregnancy.

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Some even the safest and most proven medicines without visible side effects can still sooner or later become risk factors for the development of a particular disease – especially for newborns. Today, a team of talented pharmacist researchers from the United States presented their new study on the potential relationship between the popular painkiller acetaminophen and the risk of developing an overactive or autistic spectrum of diseases in unborn babies during pregnancy – and scientists actually managed to find such a relationship by pointing out also for some third-party moments and nuances.

The study itself appeared on the pages of the latest issue of the scientific journal JAXA, where researchers described in detail some of the properties of the painkiller acetaminophen when consumed during pregnancy. The drug itself is sold without a prescription in the United States and many European countries, since it does not have side effects and is generally recognized as one of the safest painkillers in the spectrum.

However, with a closer and closer examination of its properties, experts came to the conclusion that acetaminophen can actually increase the risk of developing an autistic or hyperactive spectrum of diseases in newborns, if the mother takes this medicine during pregnancy – specialists compared the statistics for such children with specific results of the analysis of the placenta and found 966 matches out of a thousand in the context of the study, which clearly indicates a very high risk – however, it will be so not only in connection with the reception m of this medicine, but also in connection with some other aspects.

The diet and diet of a pregnant mother plays an equally important role here, however, it is worth noting the fact that this popular and very common painkiller can actually become a really indicative risk factor. However, so far the researchers are not quite sure of the finality of their observed data and will soon make another attempt to consider the presented relationship from a slightly different side

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