Some foods can cause kidney disease.

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A group of American scientists conducted a series of clinical studies and found that certain foods can trigger kidney stones.

So, in their opinion, many favorite coffee is in the first place. Scientists believe that this drink leads to an increased load on the kidneys, and this, in turn, leads to an increased risk of developing diseases of the genitourinary system.

Red meat is in second place, so clinicians recommend abandoning it, replacing it with chicken. In third place is the salt, which is not surprising. Salt, like other seasonings, when used excessively, leads to a delay in the removal of fluids from the body. Because of this, various substances begin to accumulate in the kidneys, which are later converted into sand and stones.

Also, according to American scientists, tea and sweet carbonated drinks harm the kidneys. And if everything is clear with the second, since a priori it is not a useful product, then why tea got into the list of harmful products, while scientists have not explained. It is assumed that the drink leads to an increase in the level of calcium in the urine, and this factor already provokes the formation of kidney stones.

Naturally, moderate consumption of the above products will not lead to such negative pathological processes. But if you misuse them, lead an unhealthy lifestyle, the risk of developing diseases of the urogenital system increases significantly. Also, one should not discount the genetic predisposition to such diseases and the general state of health.



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