Some eating habits lead to depression

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It is no secret that our daily diet affects not only the state of our intestines and its bacteria, but also the psychological state – and therefore today a joint team of nutritionists and biologists from several US universities presented a new study to examine the relationship between individual eating habits and long-term psychological state of men and women. It is worth noting that similar studies were carried out earlier, but in the current aspect they are especially attractive, since such habits can affect not only psychology, but also the change in brain biochemistry.

In particular, having collected most of the data from previous studies on this issue, American scientists came to the understanding that an excessively low level of consumption of fruits and vegetables can significantly increase the risk of the occurrence and development of a particular spectrum of depressive diseases. This is especially true for men who, due to hormonal differences, experience an even higher risk from such a bad eating habit.

The use of a large amount of omega-3 fats and fatty components of this group without proper water balance is also one of the most visible causes of the development of depressive personality disorders – so minimizing this can be achieved through the systematic and careful use of various fruits and vegetables. Moreover, American nutritionists recommend consuming whole fruits, and not as part of any dishes, because with this format their benefits are most often reduced due to reactions with other substances and additives.

Be that as it may, but for now the study is concerned with a rather limited set of nutritional factors and habits that can form a depressive spectrum of personality disorders – for now, specialists prefer not to rush and focus on those studies that have shown more or less specific results. But soon they will surely present their results, which will either refute or confirm the previous ones.

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