Some dietary supplements seriously harm children

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A new study from the Harvard Medical School in the United States regarding the real spectrum of the effects of various food additives in children's diets in one way or another emphasizes some special threats and potential harmful properties to their body. It is worth noting the fact that nutritional supplements themselves represent a rather serious problem of modern applied medicine, since their regulation in the market is hampered by their not always defined status. In addition, the nutritional supplements illustrated in this study in one way or another relate to their specific segment – for example, supplements for muscle mass or weight loss.

So, a new study focused on identifying all that potentially harmful spectrum of effects of various classes of food additives on the body of children and adolescents, who often buy such medical goods by their parents. The study was based on a study of 907 volunteer participants aged 1 to 25 years who took various nutritional supplements – in particular, scientists were interested in how dangerous dietary supplements that regulate weight and muscle mass can be, since they are most often acquired by adolescents and children.

It turned out that approximately 40% of the participants in the experiment were at risk of developing a different spectrum of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and most of these participants were in the age group from 17 to 22 years. And the most dangerous food additives, according to experts, turned out to be additives that help reduce weight and increase muscle tone – as they say, due to the presence of conflicting chemical elements in them.

However, it is worth noting the important fact that Harvard experts do not at all say that food additives are dangerous in themselves – they can be such if the required dosages are not observed or when mixed with other not quite suitable additives or food products. Thus, experts advise to be more careful in their choice.

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