Smoking fathers may increase the risk of heart failure in newborns

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Today, a new meta-analysis has appeared that is devoted to the analysis of a new scientific relationship between smoking in fathers and the occurrence of congenital heart disease in their children – and the analysis relates directly to the consideration of this relationship at the stage of fetal formation. Some similar studies had been carried out earlier, but for the most part they focused on some particular cases and did not have such a large database as was specially prepared for the current study. It is worth noting that both the preliminary and the final results of the study clearly demonstrate the high degree of danger of paternal smoking.

The fact is that at the center of the new study was a discussion of how smoking fathers can affect the formation of the fetus of their child and how this can affect it immediately after birth. In particular, experts focused on examining the effects of second-hand smoke on the body of the mother carrying the child and found that smoking fathers may become the second most important risk in the context of developing a child's congenital heart disease and a number of other chronic heart diseases – smoking is still in the first place the mother herself during pregnancy.

It is worth noting that in the particulars of the data presented meta-analysis also contains some variables that can accurately reflect certain particulars and features. In addition, at this point in time, scientists are still not ready to release the final set of scientific evidence and data, since they believe that it is necessary to conduct at least two more such studies, but with a more compact database of patients and their children.

In general, the risk of congenital heart disease becomes especially noticeable due to the increase in various experiments based on various smoking mixtures, including special forms of tobacco. In any case, statisticians say that even electronic smoking can be the cause or one of the factors leading to the onset of a heart disease in a newborn.

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