Slight inflammation of the body can lead to increased “brain fog”

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Inflammation seems to be a fairly common and natural reaction of the body to some viruses and irritants of a viral nature, as well as to some autoimmune moments associated with the work and reproduction of cells. That is why a new study by a team of specialists from the University of Birmingham presented to the public the question of how much inflammation – including chronic – can affect the brain, and in particular its ability to quickly think and be always ready to respond to a particular reaction . In the scientific literature, blurred consciousness is denoted by the phrase “brain fog” and considers this.

Thus, neuroscientists conducted several tests and experiments aimed at studying this relationship. And for this, they gathered a group of subjects of a fairly young age, who deliberately integrated various viral stimuli to observe how they affect the activity of brain neurons. It turned out that even the most non-hazardous and rapidly passing viruses and inflammations associated with them have a really negative and destructive effect in terms of brain activity, since brain fog becomes more and more not only over time, but also as inflammations decrease.

Subjects reported varying degrees of cognitive difficulties and problems literally after several hours of such integration and noted that the mechanism is approximately the same – and therefore the team from the University of Birmingham managed to shed light on the fact that even the most harmless, it would seem, inflammation, in fact can significantly increase brain fog.

So at this stage of the study, experts have already prepared a sufficiently thorough report on what exactly should be done in order to minimize the damage from inflammation, even from the shortest. In addition, the team of specialists is aimed at identifying subsequent issues related to the implementation of new approaches to inhibiting the spread of the effects and consequences of inflammation.

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