Sleeping pills in old age can cause dementia

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Today, a really interesting study on the nature of dementia appeared on the Internet, which was also illustrated by experts during the International Conference of the Alzheimer's Association in 2019 – and it deals with the potential relationship between the use of sleeping pills and the development of this neurodegenerative disease. However, it is worth noting immediately the important fact that it is primarily about the risk of such development for older people over 65 who take sleeping pills on a systematic, almost daily basis – this was the main goal of the study.

The study itself began 15 years ago and absorbed several hundred participants, aged 65 to 79 years, who are representatives of both sexes and different races. Throughout this observation period, some of the participants took sleeping pills on a systematic basis, and some preferred not to take them at all, or to take them minimally. It turned out that about 2.7% of blacks and 7.8% of whites who took sleeping pills on a systematic basis were at a greater risk for developing Alzheimer's syndrome — as well as a number of other neurodegenerative diseases — thereby presenting the most there is a direct relationship between the use of sleeping pills on a daily basis and the development of dementia.

It is worth noting that the study mainly focused on the study of the characteristics of the elderly organism and the state of the brain, so its results can hardly be interpreted in any particular way – everything will depend very much on this or that person and on this or that clinical case. developmental dementia.

Nevertheless, scientists have shown that the use of hypnotic drugs on a systematic and even more so on a daily basis is not the best preventive tool against the development of various kinds of neurodegenerative diseases – including dementia. It remains only to wait for some additional and more accurate results that were achieved through the second stage of the repetition of this study.

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