Sleep deprivation enhances pain

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The relationship between chronic sleep deprivation and the pain threshold of a person has been studied for a fairly long time – however, until now, not a single consistent and consistent study has been presented on this subject, which helps answer the question of which parts of the brain suffer from lack of sleep most of all identification and suppression of pain sensations – as the team of neurobiologists from the University of California tried to correct by presenting the results of their new th study addressing this particular issue.

Specialists tried to establish what changes occur in the brain of patients suffering from chronic sleep deprivation when experiencing pain of varying degrees of intensity – and compare these indicators with similar ones in healthy people. Using the technology of functional magnetic resonance shielding, experts observed 25 healthy and 25 sick people, having studied the activity of the somatosensory cerebral cortex during tests – preliminary results showed that people with chronic lack of sleep show a much lower pain threshold, which is associated with the malfunctioning of this brain region.

But scientists also noticed another interesting detail – namely, a significant decrease in the working capacity of the insular cortex and adjacent nuclei, which in turn are responsible for the production of a certain level of dopamine in response to pain – the results showed an abnormal behavior of these parts of the brain that could not cope with their task.

Thus, the obtained results clearly demonstrate the fact that between the chronic lack of sleep and the pain threshold there is the most direct connection regulated by the insulin and somatosensory cortex. So far, experts are trying to find a way to prevent at least part of the identified symptoms and features in the treatment of lack of sleep.

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