Six Best Weight Loss Exercises Introduced

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Exercising is an extremely important factor in establishing and maintaining a normal weight, especially after a certain age – however, the logical question arises of which exercises and sports should be practiced and what should be preferred in this context? Today, a team of scientists from National Taiwan University, led by physiology professor Wang-Yu Lin, presented her study, which presents the six best exercises that are most effective in the context of normalizing weight and eliminating the potential risk of gaining excess weight at a later age.

The study was published in the scientific journal PLOS Genetics, where Taiwanese experts informed the public about the results of their research project. They selected 1,824 participants aged 30 to 70 years and offered them a different range of sports exercises and sports for systematic practice over several months. The results of the study showed that the highest indicator of effectiveness for the systematic reduction of excess weight is jogging, and non-quick – after it is walking, walking, rock climbing, long yoga practices and international sports dancing.

It is worth noting that sports such as swimming, cycling and various martial arts in comparison with the illustrated exercises are far from being as effective as previously assumed – especially for those participants who are already over forty years old. Nevertheless, experts pointed out that it is systematicness that plays the most important role here – and therefore, in order for this to become a habit, it is necessary to do this on an ongoing basis and gradually increase the load during training.

It is worth noting that the study has not yet been completed and specialists from the National Taiwan University are keen to conduct some additional research and testing of some other sports and exercises. However, the study itself clearly indicates the accessibility and relatively low entry threshold for these most effective exercises for almost any person.

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