Shreddinger's unique superconductor introduced

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The technology of quantum computing and quantum computers is gradually gaining more attention – not only from the scientists directly involved in their creation, but also from ordinary users, some of whom will gladly replace their traditional computer with something new. But in this technology, there is one significant limitation that does not fully realize the wide commercial course of such machines – and this limitation lies in the inability to precisely configure qubits, which are the smallest data particles that can exist in two states at once, unlike a binary system calculus.

This property is called superposition and involves the use of a sufficiently powerful and stable external magnetic field for tuning and controlling qubits. Despite the fact that this approach does not sound complicated, it is actually assumed to use such a magnetic field for each qubit individually, which is already a serious inconvenience, and the potential solution lies in making such a quantum technique sufficiently voluminous.

However, today a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University introduced a new material that can be perfectly served as an alternative to an external magnetic field – this material was a material called beta-Bi2Pd, which, being formed into a ring shape, has the ability to send sufficiently powerful magnetic fluxes as from the inside to the inside, which is purely technical and is an example of a stable superposition – which means that such material and its shape can serve the benefit of the development of quantum technology .

However, experts are still not sure about how exactly a quantum material of this type will show itself in real tests and whether it will begin to change its properties when it is used intensively and for a long time in particularly complex calculations. In any case, a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University in the United States is preparing to conduct the first stage of preliminary research and practical tests to establish this fact.

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