Short-term influx of large amounts of sugar can cause gastrointestinal diseases

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Today, a new study of nutritionists from the medical faculty at the University of Alberta in the USA has appeared on the Internet, aimed at revealing the potential relationship of sugar with the risk of rapid symptoms of the IBD spectrum of diseases. This spectrum denotes the problems of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, caused directly by dietary disorders and the consumption of an excessively large amount of sugar-containing products. In particular, scientists presented the results of a new study in mice, which showed that even a short-term increase in sugar volume can lead to serious consequences.

Prior to this, experts considered the question of how exactly the fast peaks in the consumption of sugar-containing products can interact with other dietary supplements and the body as a whole. The experiment itself was carried out on experimental mice, which integrated a special short-term diet, tied to the intake of sufficiently large amounts of sugar for two days. Moreover, in their mode of physical activity, before this, mice adhered to more than a healthy diet and systematic physical exertion.

It turned out that such a short time was more than enough to not only disrupt the previously made progress, but also to draw up a real risk factor for the deterioration of the digestive tract – about half of the mice began to show symptoms of gastrointestinal inflammation, not to mention some more serious diseases from this spectrum. So experts believe that such a short-term effect of sugar on a person will have the same effect.

The fact is that mouse and human biology in this context shows many similarities – and given the fact that many people really like to stress stress sweet, while even adhering to a fairly healthy diet, it becomes clear that the results of the study can be the most eloquent and proactive for most people. It remains to wait for the second stage of testing.

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