Short-Term Hormone and Breast Cancer: A New Study

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Some time ago, a symposium was held in the city of San Antonio to study the problem of breast cancer in the context of modern therapeutic medicine – and during this meeting, leading US medical experts emphasized the need to take more serious medications and drugs aimed at combating the symptoms of menopause . It turned out that according to the results of one large study that completed in 2002, taking some of these drugs can actually be an increased risk of developing and developing breast cancer, and this effect may not disappear with time after refusing these drugs.

The study itself was initiated in the 90s. and was completed in 2002 – its goal was to establish a potential relationship between taking certain drugs containing estrogen and progestin and developing breast cancer. These drugs were taken to combat the symptoms of menopause in women, but at the same time it turned out that they can actually become a risk of this spectrum of cancer.

And today, researchers are actively talking about the need to provide a healthier alternative to the drugs presented in the long term – since the intake of these hormones in an unregulated and even regulated manner can cause the active development of malignant tumors in the chest. The results of the study were collected on the basis of a study of cases of more than 16 thousand women of different ages and health conditions, who for six months to several years took this complex of hormones to combat menopause.

Anyway, the use of this kind of “short-term” hormones is a rather dubious way to maintain and improve your health – even if it comes to getting rid of the symptoms of menopause. It is worth noting that so far, researchers have indicated the need for additional studies and tests that could identify potential problems associated with the use of these hormones.

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