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Coffee is an excellent drink known since ancient times for its highly energetic properties and the ability to invigorate even the most tired person in the world. However, many studies and researchers have repeatedly raised the question of how much daily coffee drink is safe and will not lead to chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. So the research specialists from the University of South Australia, together with their colleagues from the Australian Center for Exact Health, compiled the results of their new analytical work, pointing out a more or less exact number of cups of coffee per day that will not cause harm to health.

Of course, it’s not so much about the lethality of coffee itself, but about how exactly its individual chemical components affect health in the long term – in this respect, it is worth looking at the proposals that have already become proven and interesting in previous studies. In the new study, Australian experts indicate that drinking more than six cups of coffee a day with a probability of 22% increases the risk of developing one or another cardiovascular disease, mainly indicating the root cause of this health effect in the face of caffeine and a huge number of polyphenols contained in coffee.

Of course, coffee is not the only drink with these substances, but it is this drink that is the most popular in the world – which is an additional reason to think about your normal use of this drink during the day, if such a habit is present at all.

However, it is worth noting the fact that the results of a new study are rather extensive in one way or another – in the sense that specialists are somewhat lacking in final meta-data and an extensive user database. But this problem is already being solved, since the study is cluttered with new details and aspects regarding the correct selection of the user base – it remains only to wait for a certain stage in the preparation of a new phase of research.

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