Scottish researchers have discovered a new strain of coronavirus

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Today, a talented team of virologists from the University of Edinburgh in the UK presented their new study on the discovery of a new type of coronavirus strain called B. 1.525 – this is the detection of a viral strain that is potentially dangerous and difficult to destroy with the available vaccine options. In particular, it is worth noting the fact that scientists have not yet considered the found strain as a complete one, since they need to collect as much information as possible about its clinical picture, but current research indicates that it is most likely very dangerous.

Previously, scientists have discovered other variants and strains of a new type of coronavirus, which often turned out to be only small mutations and which did not represent anything like that – although this time we are talking about something really not quite clear. This strain of coronavirus was originally detected in South Africa, but now traces of it have been seen in 13 more states, although so far the research team has not disclosed the specific names of the countries.

What worries them more is the likelihood that current existing vaccines may not be as effective against this strain – especially since scientists have discovered an additional mutation called E484K, which is something truly incredible in terms of treatment. While it is difficult to say how complex and multifaceted the treatment of this type of strain will be, the Scottish research team believes that leading pharmaceutical companies will have to take many factors into account in one way or another.

And so far, representatives of many other pharmaceutical organizations and agencies have not presented their own opinions regarding the newly discovered strain, without commenting in any way even on its possible danger in relation to all other previously found strains. It is worth noting the fact that Scottish scientists continue to collect information regarding this new strain, noting the possibility that, in fact, through its more or less detailed study, it will be able to present some new nuances.

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