Scientists were surprised by the ancestors-vegetarian of the modern crocodile

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It’s hard to imagine that a modern crocodile or any other similar animal would prefer to eat plant foods instead of animals – and yet a team of specialists from the Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah presented their new study, which is devoted to the analysis of whether crocodiles and alligators existed dinosaur ancestors who preferred plant foods. Looking ahead, we can say for sure that such representatives of the early dinosaurs really existed and they really are remote ancestors of modern crocodiles and similar carnivorous creatures.

Such results and conclusions were obtained on the basis of a thorough and lengthy analysis of various ancient reptiles found in various places of teeth and tooth remains – it should be noted that most of them somehow belong to the middle of the Cretaceous period, during which most dinosaurs disappeared due to major climate change.

Thus, a team of paleontologists from the University of Utah presented samples of such dental remains – and many of them turned out to be significantly more complex than modern conical teeth in alligators, which clearly indicates either a mixed or completely herbivorous nature of their use. However, the arguments themselves also to a large extent are guided by some additional research undertaken about ten years ago, the purpose of which was also the desire to prove or disprove the herbivorous past of alligators.

And these findings really can change the whole character and approach to the study of dinosaurs and their modern descendants as such – moreover, this will establish some additional aspects and points related one way or another with the correct prioritization in terms of studying different families of alligators and crocodiles – it remains only to wait for these results and conclusions, also based on previously undertaken studies.

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