Scientists use nanodiamonds to improve paper tests

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Today, a team of talented chemical engineering researchers from the University of California presented something truly extraordinary – namely, the results of one of their latest studies examining the possibility of using certain properties of nanodiamonds to improve the current format of paper medical tests. In particular, a team of scientists tried to establish the most rational and efficient way to use the good conductive grade of nanodiamonds in order to make modern paper tests much more accurate and faster in producing specific medical results.

Most of these paper tests – which are placed in special chemical reagents for the manifestation of certain human biomarkers after being tested – are really convenient, although not the fastest, in determining a particular viral or autoimmune disease. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS and cancer most often respond to better and more effective treatment if they can be detected early and treated accordingly.

And today, a team of chemical engineers from the University of California presented the results of their experiment, in which they actually managed to transfer the highly conductive properties of nanodiamonds in relation to such paper tests – it turned out that they allow you to get one or another result for biomarkers much faster, and this, in turn, it may allow for a faster and more efficient way to save someone's life, although so far the researchers are not ready to talk about any final version.

In addition, nanodiamonds have their own hidden properties, which can be really unique and unusual for most of these tasks – although so far, experts have yet to reveal all the features regarding these nanodiamonds. At this point in time, much of the attention of specialists is focused on the possibility of making this use of nanodiamonds for paper medical tests much more convenient and cheaper in the long-term commercial perspective.

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