Scientists use a special virus to purify water

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Bacteria and viruses can become a truly valuable source of creating substances and various materials – for example, oxygen, oil, antibiotics. The study of these properties and capabilities of certain types of bacteria and viruses is one of the most relevant areas of activity of bacteriologists. So today, a team of chemical engineering specialists presented the results of their new work on the possibility of using a special strain of bacteria to create the so-called golden beads – with which you can efficiently and quickly purify water, as well as create electronic materials and components based on them.

It is known that the scientists took the so-called M13 virus as a basis – it is worth noting that earlier it was actively studied by other teams of specialists to identify specific properties. Given its high level of flexibility and flexibility from the point of view of external manipulations at the molecular level, it becomes a fairly profitable and suitable candidate for increasing the efficiency of devices such as solar panels, lithium-ion batteries and piezoelectric materials.

M13 virus has the ability to combine gold ions, creating nanoforms of a certain type. What a team of specialists took advantage of by applying this principle. At first, they made the virus take a spherical shape using water and chloroform, and then they added a solution of gold ions so that the virus began to create replicas of its shape. As a result, the research team was able to achieve the creation of many round and durable nano-beads, with a thickness of only a few nanometers and a length of about a micrometer.

Collecting all this form, they noted that the hardest thing was to get the virus to create copies of its form at the final stage – M13 is known as a virus that is quite adaptable and “stubborn” to water. However, the resulting nanosubstances proved to be very, very useful and effective in water purification. In addition, the process of their creation did not require special investments, which makes the resulting nanoforms very suitable for use as the basis for the creation of various conductive devices and materials.

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