Scientists told which materials are best suited for the manufacture of medical masks.

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A new study on the question of which materials are most useful and effective in creating their own medical masks today shed light on some features of such personal protective equipment. In particular, specialists from the University of Chicago, together with colleagues from the American Chemical Community, released the results of their work in the form of an official report on how and from what material one should make their own medical masks at home, and why exactly these materials are the most protective against external influences and other points related to potential contamination from particles.

Previously, the CDC Center and some other medical institutions in the United States recommended that citizens do not wear masks purchased in stores, and then recommended that they do the masks themselves. However, disputes about how to make a mask as effective as the N95 model at home have not subsided to this day – and therefore a team of specialists from the University of Chicago decided to experiment with different types of fabrics.

It turned out that in the creation of a home medical mask, two types of fabric are the best candidates – namely, tightly knitted cotton in combination with polyester-spandex chiffon. Experts say that for the best protection it is necessary to strictly observe the ratio of these materials and put them together, since this can provide the greatest protection against infected particles of coronavirus in the air – in particular, they also noted the importance of making the mask fit in size and not leave gaps in no place in its design.

Thus, a new study opens the curtain on the question of how and from what it is worth making your own personal protective equipment in this turbulent time for many. On the other hand, the study itself also has not yet revealed some other technical and biological aspects of protection, and therefore there can be no doubt that similar experiments will continue until the most universal remedy is found in this context.

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