Scientists tested memorial cells against viruses

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The process of destroying viral cells within the immune system has always seemed to researchers quite interesting and multi-faceted, but at the present stage the success of this fight is often associated with the ability to develop more effective antiviral vaccines and drugs. That is why a team of scientists from Exeter University today presented the results of their new project to study the possibility of combating several strains of the same virus with the so-called “memorable” cells that are reproduced by the immune system during the administration of various drugs. It turned out that these cells really have such a function!

Viruses such as the influenza virus or AIDS represent a rather high degree of danger, not so much because of their primary symptoms, but because they have a high degree of adaptability and change – thus, vaccination here becomes powerless, since the virus constantly mutates and changes its chemical properties.

In the course of studying the features of the functioning and reaction of the immune system to these viral cells, a team of scientists came to the conclusion that the produced memorable antiviral cells have the ability to fight these cells, and different strains of the virus at the same time, which cannot but surprise. At the same time, experts noted that the properties and stability of these cells can be further improved due to some drugs and types of therapies.

In that case, if they manage to stabilize the process of such parallel processing of strains of various viruses – because the process is currently unstable – this will allow us to further develop more effective and fast-acting types of drug therapies and methods for treating viral diseases. It remains only to wait for the final report of scientists and to predict how successful the results will become in practical application!

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