Scientists talk about the real risks of contracting COVID-19 through food packaging

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Today, representatives of several US government institutions and public health organizations today presented a new report on the investigation of the question of whether the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 as a whole can leave a mark on the packaging of various food products, since this issue previously caused a lot excitement and interest from users, who often ordered disinfectants with food. However, according to the presented study, the new type of coronavirus practically does not leave its mark on food packaging and packaging of this type in general, due to various factors.

First of all, it is worth noting the important fact that a new study on establishing the truth in this matter was initially initiated by a special team of researchers from the US Food and Drug Administration, but then specialists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention joined in. with the US National Medical Commission – and as a result of a fairly thorough and long-term study, the parties established that in fact, food buyers do not need to worry that particles of a new type of coronavirus may be present on the packaging – after all, out of 100 million viewed cases of infection, it was discovered less than 0.2% of this possibility, and this is a negligible amount.

In addition, now packaged food products are often processed at the factory itself, from where they are sent to store shelves and further to customers' refrigerators.

Thus, from the point of view of the current spread of the new type of coronavirus, it can be assumed that most likely such a question is fundamentally untenable – because only very few cases were detected in the United States, and in third-party European countries control over the packaging and distribution of food , as practice shows, is carried out according to even stricter and more specific standards, so it is hardly necessary to talk about any problems in this vein.

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