Scientists talk about the most dangerous flavored vape supplements

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Several preclinical studies by a team of biologists from the University of South Carolina on some of the most popular flavored liquids in e-cigarettes – commonly known as vapes – have demonstrated that such additives may indeed have increased levels of danger to the body. And especially for the health and normal functioning of the heart muscle, which was put into a separate category of studies. The fact is that a team of biological researchers from the United States recently conducted several sessions of testing the most popular aromatic vape supplements on experimental mice and came to a not very comforting conclusion.

Namely, aromatic vaping additives such as cinnamon, vanilla and coffee, which are popular among the general population of the United States and other countries, pose the greatest risk to health and heart condition in comparison with other additives.

According to scientists, this is indicated by preliminary data collected as part of a study of the effect of such specific additives on the body of mice – it turned out that the above aromatic additives are the most dangerous for HL-1 cells, which, in turn, are the main responsible factor in regulating the influx blood to the heart. Studies have shown that e-cigarettes and the specific types of flavors they contain can indeed lead to irreparable effects on the heart and respiratory tract, but scientists continue to understand some technical subtleties – as they argue that for the purity of the experiment, some other data must be verified In this sense.

It should be noted that the presented aromatic additives are actually quite dangerous, however, within the framework of the experiment, it becomes clear that a similar effect on the human body can be changed due to the introduction of some third-party factors – and therefore it is too early to talk about the final degree of danger of these aromatic additives. Nevertheless, it is becoming quite obvious that the presented supplements and e-cigarettes in general carry a certain threat to health.

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