Scientists study the effectiveness of antibiotics against superbugs using UV radiation

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The emergence of an increasing number of so-called superbacteria – bacteria that develop extremely high resistance to even the most effective antibiotics – is the greatest threat to world medicine and health. According to the analyzes and reports of many researchers, by the middle of this century, such superbacteria can take the lives of up to 10 million people annually, if nothing is done about it. That is why today a team of British researchers from Exeter University presented its new study regarding the development of a special system for testing the effectiveness of antibiotics for such superbacteria.

Initially, the main motivation of specialists was the idea of ​​the need to develop a much more complex and accurate laboratory analysis, which could demonstrate how this or that family of antibiotics and their active components can be effective against certain superbugs. However, having carried out a preliminary stage of such work, the researchers found that the work ahead was very cumbersome and not quite real in its final achievement, and therefore they decided to change course and develop a more compact and effective version of such a laboratory analysis in the face of a special UV emitter, using which they can highlight the active ingredients in antibiotics.

Thus, by introducing certain antibiotics to one or another superbacterium in the laboratory, scientists can activate ultraviolet radiation and observe how quickly and accurately the antibiotic gets into the superbacterium and whether it can be generally useful for combating it.

However, this approach is also not without some limitations and conventions of a technical nature, since it involves the need for preliminary testing of several configurations of such laboratory tests using ultraviolet radiation, and therefore for now it remains only to wait for the final confirmation of one or another effective approach to the end of testing, since the final level of effectiveness of the method will depend on this

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